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Korean Air aims to be Asia's strongest aerospace business
(2012-11-20 21:09)

Korean Air has unveiled a plan to expand into the aerospace industry by building a 230,000-square-meter industrial cluster in Busan by 2020. The plan is part of the company's "Aerospace Vision 2020" strategy that was announced on Monday.
German key part for Korean battle tank has flaws: state auditor - Korea Times
(2012-11-15 16:05)

A key part from Germany for Korea's new main battle tank has turned out to be defective, with the military procurement agency failing to conduct a thorough and fair performance test over the course of its introduction, a state auditor said Thursday.
Military trainer jet crashes, killing pilot - Korea Herald
(2012-11-15 11:45)

An Air Force aerobatic jet crashed in northeastern South Korea on Thursday, killing its lone pilot and sparking a brush fire, police said. The T-50B plane went down at 10:28 a.m. on a mountain in Hoengseong, about 90 kilometers east of Seoul, and its pilot, identified only as Capt. Kim, 32, is believed dead, officials said.
South Korea to develop small-sized tactical vehicle - Korea Times
(2012-11-06 18:07)

One of the main U.S. fighting vehicles is the Humvee, a highly capable four-wheel drive armored truck developed by AM General. The vehicle transports troops on the battlefield protecting them from bullets. It took over the role on the Jeep, which became famous during the Second World War.
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