Forecast International
Forecast International is a premier provider of market intelligence, forecasting, proprietary research and consulting services for the worldwide aerospace, defense, electronics and power systems industries.
For nearly four decades, our seasoned analysts have compiled and evaluated historical and current data for use in generating accurate forecasts of industry products and programs. Our analysts have earned widespread recognition for unmatched service and expertise. Simply stated, within our areas of expertise, we reduce uncertainties and make the future as predictable as it can be.

The Platinum Forecast System™ is the premier aerospace, defense, power systems and electronics market forecasting tool. This user-driven interface allows you to quickly create customized market assessments that identify both risk and future opportunities. This system was developed to greatly reduce the amount of time spent gathering intelligence so that you can devote more time to actual analysis. Your intelligence team deserves a tool that can effectively distill market indicators in order to seize competitive advantage.

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