Commercial Aerospace
While tiers of UK Dunlop Aircraft Tyres, Ltd with one hundred-years of tradition have been applied to our military aircrafts and fighters, they are being supplied to civilian airliners as well. The Boeings 737 Classic and NG(New Generation) models of regional airlines in Korea which recently started their services have been equipped with our Dunlop aircraft tires. Aside from the main facility/HQ located in Birmingham of England, Dunlop China, the first overseas factory in Jinjiang of China(Shaman Bonded Zone), is supplying these tires to various airlines of Korea and providing repair/retreading services.

Also, our company is participating in civilian ambulance helicopter(EMS helicopter) business of Korea. We are introducing highly-reliable European-design models to domestic market and in particular we are confident that they are safety-verified models for transport of emergency patients in insular and mountainous remote area conforming to our national circumstances.
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