Defense / Aerospace Equipment
Since established in 1999, our company has been supplying mainly wheels, brake components and tires which are military aircraft braking devices for fixed-wing aircrafts such as T-59(MK-67), CN-235, KT-1, HS-125(Hawker-800XP) of Korea Air Force and rotary-wing aircrafts such as Super Lynx of Navy, etc. Additionally, our main businesses include performing the NVIS cockpit modification programs for replacing the old/non-NVG compatible cockpit displays that Korea military is currently running and supplying 3 or 3+ generations NVG for the aviators together.

We have made successful contracts of the latest mission equipments for KUH which is on-going program by Army and its variation projects that is currently in progress by Police Department and other end-users. Also, we have participated in the military airworthiness certificate process for military retrofit aircraft programs which has recently come to the fore as a significant issue and we recognize this as one of our major business areas, together with the supply of the cutting-edge air-borne equipment for military aircrafts.
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