We are much interested in the modernization of medical equipments in our military forces. We are now exerting effort to modernize out-of-date medical facilities in the fields, and to introduce and to support retrofit medical helicopters(ME-DEVAC) for evacuation only for prompt transportation of injured patients. The modernized medical facilities will be located in modulated hospitals to take care of first-aid and systematic medical treatment, which will be composed of expandable containers and trust-worthy, mobile tent hospital that can be rapidly installed and moved.

Also, this will allow our Army Medical Command to participate actively in disaster rescue activities of our allies or at the time when our force is dispatched overseas. Besides, configuration of our land characterized by mountainous and insular areas is the reason why the modernized medical evacuation helicopters are essential. The present medical helicopters which are unable to fly at nighttime and are equipped with devices like first-aid kits only can no longer take charge of emergency medical systems of our military. We are endeavoring for new military medical evacuation helicopter business including military airworthiness certification of retrofit time, together with the latest military-use/air-borne equipment.
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