MRO & Spare parts
We have been supplying reliable and certified spare parts to our military for the past ten years through variety of commercial biddings, FDP, and AOG at DAPA, AFLC, etc. Our major business is military aerospace sector including aircraft spare parts of all models owned by our air-forces and spare parts/overhaul of helicopters belonging to the army. In particular, we are proud of the fact that our company has devoted itself to procurement of emergency parts of the air-forces by extending even two times the renewal of AOG contacts of AFLC, Air-Force Logistic Command.

Regarding the MRO business sector, we are co-operating with several leading overseas business partners as overhaul facilities for 500MD/AA250, C-130/T-56, KT-1/PT-6A engines, etc. Also, repair/overhaul works for cockpit instruments of all models possessed by the air-forces is one of our main business sectors.
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