Products Lines
   Tactical & Accuracy Parachute
   GPS Guided Cargo Parachute
   Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)- a multi-purpose, autonomous,
           aerial cargo delivery System
   Small Armament – The legendary UZI SMG and the innovative
           TAVOR assault rifles family
   Thermal Observation Equipment, Sniper's Night Vision and
           Aviator's NVG and Helmet
   NVIS cockpit modification for all kind of helicopter
   Airborne/MEP Equipment for Army helicopter/KUH & KUH variations

           - Airborne HD Video Downlink
           - Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System(HTAWS)
           - Public Address Systems
           - Airborne Digital Video Recorder(DVR)
           - Airborne Mux-Coupler
   MRO for all military helicopter cockpit instruments
   Military EMS/DEPMEDS

           - Blast Isolation Products
           - Mobile Shelter Hospital System
           - Military Ground and Air Transport Systems
           - Absorbent Patient Litter System
           - Military Medical Products
           - Military Portable Medial ICU
           - Mobile Shelter Hospital System
           - Military Special Tank Container
           - Military EMS Food & Equipments
           - Military EMS Devices
   Light Tactical Vehicles/Mine Resistant Ambush Protected
           (MRAP) vehicle
   Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck
   Spare parts for submarines
   Side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler systems
   Aviators night vision goggles for the hovercrafts
   MRO for turboprop engines/Cessna
   Braking systems and tires for the rotary wing aircrafts
   Tactical maritime systems for total underwater control
   Spare parts for all military fixed and rotary wing aircrafts
   Repair/Overhaul for airborne instruments
   Aircraft Tires for military aircrafts
   Military air worthiness procedures
Special Units and Others/Industry
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