In addition to businesses mentioned above, we are directly and indirectly getting involved with diverse military intelligence programs. We provide our government, military and major industrial client companies with military intelligence, data/reports/material, etc. so that they are able to establish precise policies based on our forecast 10 years reports for future market changes and, in that regard, directly provide them with various custom consulting programs. To encounter with a lot of threats of terrorism modern society is facing, we treat equipment to safely protect precious human life and properties from so-called 'Dirty Bombs' (chemical, biological and radiological devices) of terrorist, irrespective of the commercial and the special market.

Furthermore, our company has an experience of having successfully carried out the KVN-Korean VLBI Network project that was progressed by the Korean Astronomical Society by assisting an main American design company. At this time, 21m radio telescopes of the KVN project have been installed and running in three sites of Seoul, Ulsan and Jeju, respectively.
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